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Speed Clear X

Speed Clear X

Speed Clear X is a clear 1-component nanotechnology antifouling coating. It will reduce friction of the underwater part of the hull, metal parts, lights and windows. It is safe to use and environmentally friendly. Apply it on stainless steel, (galvanised or anodized) iron, copper, polyester, glass, chrome, paint and powder coat.


  • Required application outside circumstances:
    • No direct sun light, mist, rain and strong wind.
    • A temperature between 15 – 30° Celsius.
  • Step 1: Preparation
    • Remove present antifouling with Pascal Villanova Antifouling Remover completely.
    • Degrease the surface with Pascal Villanova Hull, Deck & Teak Cleaner (organic).
    • Demineralize the surface with Pascal Villanova Hull, Deck & Teak Cleaner (non organic).
    • Rinse the surface thoroughly with tap water and let it dry.
  • Step 2: Application
    • Apply Speed Clear X in a thin even layer with a paint sprayer or paint roller.
    • Allow the coating to dry and harden for at least 12 hours before it is loaded mechanically.
    • For extra durability a second thin even layer can be applied.

Special advantages of the coating:

  • Transparent and colourless.
  • Ultra-slippery - so salts, algae and mussels don't attach easily.
  • Extremely water repellent.
  • Tests show up to 8% lower fuel consumption and higher speeds.
  • Protection against UV.
  • Contains no biocides and no heavy metals like copper.
  • Easy to clean with Pascal Villanova Hull cleaners.

Lab tests conclude - Speed Clear X performs significantly better than competitive products:

  • The adhesion of Speed Clear X to the surface with 6 MPa pull strength (measured with an Elcometer 106), is clearly stronger than Hempel’s Hard Racing Xtra (4 MPa) and International’s Interspeed Extra (2.5 MPa).
  • Furthermore Speed Clear X forms a tougher coating, more resistant to mechanical abuse. It measures 2H in the scratch test (Wolff-Wilborn method with Elcometer 501), where Hempel’s Hard Racing Xtra and International’s Interspeed Extra measures 2B.
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