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Always looking for innovations to improve the performance of boats,
Pascal Villanova adds to his catalog a latest generation antifouling using
We tested the Speed ​​Clear X on a new Asterie 50 and performed
yield curves without and with this protection. The result is positive.
Nanotechnology uses the infinitely small to create particles measuring from 1 to 100 to nanometer. Dutch Vossen laboratories use this technology to create particularly effective products in the maritime sector. In addition to the antifouling presented here, Vossen has developed V40 for CNB Villanova with particularly remarkable aqua-phobic properties, which have multiple applications in the world of yachting.
Old generation antifoulings, whose toxicity for aquatic flora and fauna is well established, have never prevented parasites and other barnacles from colonizing the hulls after a certain period of time, considerably altering the performance of sailboats and motor yachts.


Nanotechnology used for Speed ​​Clear X Antifouling offers the ability to tackle and repel various atoms by creating a film protector of which the duration of effectiveness is estimated at one year. It is recommended at the end of a long navigation season to clean the hull before applying the product again. This operation is carried out in the conventional manner, by roller or spray, and is carried out during the day. The quantity of Speed ​​Clear X antifouling required is estimated at 1 kg per 7 m2.

Navigation Tests

It was aboard the latest Asterie 50', to the creation of which Pascal Villanova largely contributed, that we carried out two tests, separated by a few days necessary for the application and perfect drying of this antifouling. For this first, the hull received a layer of Speed ​​Clear X antifouling, and three layers were applied on the propellers and shafts as well as on the rudders and trim tabs. These two outings (without the product and then with) in the Gulf of Saint-Tropez took place in 
substantially identical sea conditions, flat sea on the first day and light chop on the second day.
The performance comparison table shows that it is from 1,500 rpm, the planing speed, that the figures are most eloquent. It is found in fact that the speed and consumption curves as well as the efficiency coefficient demonstrate a real improvement compared to the measurements made during the first test with a hull devoid of antifouling. The coefficient of performance is not the least interesting in finding that the two MAN 800 hp go up more easily in the towers without generating an additional consumption. The MAN engine engineer on board for this test doesn't hide its satisfaction by noting that the engines get the best benefit from the improvement in sliding. Despite the chop and the rising wind, the streamlined Asterie of blithely reaches 40 knots without putting the engines in saturation. The performance is quite remarkable for this, which it's weight is close to 18 t. The 8% gain advanced by the manufacturer is confirmed, and there is no doubt that the Speed ​​Clear X antifouling will very soon cover all types of hulls.

All the materials concerned

Unmissable address for lovers of yachts frequenting the peninsula of St-Tropez, Pascal Villanova by Vossen offers a selection of products intended for the care and maintenance of yachts and mechanics. Pascal Villanova's quality requirement in this area is the best guarantee to improve and improve all the components of a yacht. Areas of interest: glass, fabric, wood, paint, gelcoat, stainless steel, electrical circuits (Electra Guard Pro), engine oil and fuel (additive), all friction parts (V40 Pro). Many of the products offered come from nanotechnology and meet the requirements of anti-pollution standards.