The Story

Pascal Villanova was born on December 19th, 1949. He is the son of a high-level medical family and was allowed to follow a special way of life within the yachting industry. Throughout his career quality, superiority, speed and perfection have been the most important. Something he continues with the Pascal Villanova by Vossen brand.
"I signed in (after a thorough training) at the French Navy in 1966. I wanted to specialize further as a mechanic and travelled around the world several times on the Ms. Victor Schoelcher. After I signed up for the “Fleet Air Arm” at Lann Bi House, which meant a change in career. This finally brought me to Keromar.
“I am always looking for perfection and I do the same with Pascal Villanova by Vossen.”

In 1973 I left the army and started as an engine tuner at a shipyard in St. Tropez. During this period, Port Grimaud was also being established. I wanted to start a shipyard, but was unable to get the finances at that time. In 1976, the owner wanted to sell his yard and I saw another chance. Together with an investor, I was able to get started."
Since 1978 Pascal Villanova intensified the development and sales of Bertram yachts. In 1980 Port Grimaud III was built and he bought a plot (Quartier des Trois Ponts) in La Foux, France. Since 1990, some ten years later he has built another shipyard in the Canoubiers shipyard development in Saint- Tropez. 

"Throughout my career quality, superiority, speed and perfection have been most important.
My friend Bertram introduced me to people at the top of the yachting world. I met people like Don Aronow (Donzicigarette and Magnum Marine) – the ‘Mister speed’ of the 70′s – and later Philippo Theodoli (the current owner of Magnum Marine). I even became importer of his line and built a Magnum ’27, that had to catch at least 82 knots.
In the late eighties, early nineties, I was importer of Trojan together with Philippo Theodoliand Aranow. Once I was established in Saint-Tropez, I decided to work on the maintenance and improvement of the powerful engines of the rich and famous.

In the same years, I started as a pilot in F1 offshore racing with a 27 feet Magnum Force. This racing boat had two BMP 550 hp engines; we achieved a top speed of 82 knots. I did this during two seasons; I met famous pilots like Steve Curtis, Vincenzo and Eduardo Poli. The main difference with the other participants was that I was always looking to improve the technique and quality of engines.
In 1992 Domenico Achilli asked me to be the first pilot of the Achilli Motors Team. I started racing with an aluminium hull from Cantiere Unico di Viareggio, which was provided with two Lamborghini V12 engines of 1100 hp each. For over 4 years I was the only French pilot in the F1 offshore championship."

"When Norberto Ferretti decided to give up being an offshore pilot in 1995, to manage his company, the Ferretti Team approached me. Together with co-pilot Norberto Ferretti I have made a hull of carbon (a Tangara). In 1996 we won the World Championship and put down a new speed record of 228 km per hour. Unfortunately I lost, in that year. Due to health problems I had to give up racing." 
Two years later, the Bertram shipyard was taken over by the Ferretti Group. This enabled the company to grow in the USA. This meant the expansion of famous brands like Ferretti, Riva, Pershing, Itama and Apreamar.
"After gaining all this knowledge, I settled behind the design table in 2000 and put all my experiences in my own brand: Asterie. I strongly believe that combining this knowledge leads to the highest quality on all fronts, including: materials, design, engines, drivability, production, handling, costs and benefits. 

The main important thing is that all knowledge is incorporated in the deck, so you'll experience absolutely no vibration. If an item doesn't exist, we create it with the highest quality standards. Looking for perfection is hard but the know-how is everywhere."
In 2012, it was time for the next challenge. Pascal Villanova launches a new brand, together with Vossen Laboratories. High quality, innovative yacht care products: Villanova boat, which is now Pascal Villanova by Vossen. With his many years of knowledge and experience, Pascal Villanova knows what’s happening in the industry, what products are needed and is always ready to give highly valued advice.