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Bilge, Grey & Black Water Treatment

Bilge, Grey & Black Water Treatment

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Bilge, Grey & Black Water Treatment is a product based on enzymes to prevent malodours and convert pollution into bilge, grey and black water tanks. The enzymes convert faeces and other contamination in the tank, so that the contents are safe and without odour may be emitted. Can also be used in the winter to prevent malodours in the boat. Safe for hoses and rubbers. 100% Biologically degradable.


  • For black water in a clean container add 1-2 litres per 1000 litres.
  • For grey water up to 1 litre in a clean tank to add.
  • For cleaning bilge whichever need 1 litre.
  • If the tank is already full with contaminated water a shock treatment may be carried out.
  • Maximum dosage can be increased by 100% and after 24 hours (depending on the circumstances) the conversion occurred.
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