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Nano Teak Protector - Clear

Nano Teak Protector - Clear

Nano Teak Protector - Clear is a transparent and high-quality protective product for teak. Part of the comprehensive line of nanotechnology marine care products.

The self-cleaning properties of a marine product are essential. Thanks to Nano Teak Protector - Clear, the daily maintenance of a yacht will become much easier.

The nanotechnology of this product will prevent the wood from pollution and chemicals. It impregnates and preserves the wood, which prevents aging and makes the top layer water- and grease proof. It won’t make the teak glossy and it won’t change the colour. It is ideal for maintaining new and grey aged teak. Does not affect the kit between the teak and won’t make the deck slippery.


  • Nano Teak Protector – Clear shake well before use.
  • The area to be treated must be clean and dry.
  • Use Hull, Deck & Teak Cleaner (non organic) and Hull, Deck & Teak Cleaner (organic) to clean, to obtain the best results.
  • Apply the product with a brush or cloth.
  • Let the product rest for a few minutes.
  • Rub it with a new dry clean cloth to remove excess product.
  • If necessary repeat the treatment.
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