Antifouling Remover
Antifouling Remover
Antifouling Remover

Antifouling Remover

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Antifouling Remover is an absolutely safe liquid and pH-neutral stripper for the easy removal of old layers of antifouling (also 2-component systems). It doesn’t contain any harmful acids, caustics, NMP, methylene chloride, DMSO, paraffin wax or other preservatives. It can remove several layers in one time by making the product to soak longer. Antifouling Remover does not dry out and can remain for 24 hours, without damage to the surface. It can be used at even 0 °C.

  • Antifouling Remover is a liquid that must be applied using a brush or paint roller and (in the case of a conventional antifouling) must soak in for 20-120 minutes.
  • For 2-component antifouling apply the product at the end of the day so it can soak all night.
  • The old paint can be removed then securely and easily using a paint scraper.
  • You can also remove multiple layers at the same time.
  • Because the product does not dry quickly, you can apply on large surfaces.
  • This is more efficient and easier.