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Antifouling Kit®

Discover the treatment:

① Step 1 - Prepare

② Step 2 - Protect

This treatment contains 1 ltr Antifouling Remover and 1 ltr Speed Clear X.

The treatment

Prepare and treat your boat hull with this Antifouling Kit. This powerful and eco-friendly Antifouling Kit will first prepare your boat for its new layer of antifouling, and then apply the new layer of antifouling. Tests show up to 8% lower fuel consumption and higher speeds.

In short

Prepare and clean

Antifouling protection layer

The first step of the treatment

① Step 1 - Prepare: Remove old layers of antifouling

Antifouling Remover is an absolutely safe, pasty, pH-neutral stripper for the easy removal of old layers of antifouling (also 2-component systems). It doesn’t contain any harmful acids, caustics, NMP, methylene chloride, DMSO, paraffin wax or other preservatives. It can remove several layers at once. Antifouling Remover does not dry out and can remain active for 24 hours, without damaging to the surface.

The second step of the treatment

② Step 2 - Protect: Protect the hull with a smooth, eco-friendly antifouling layer

Speed Clear X is a clear 1-component nanotechnology antifouling coating. It will reduce friction of the underwater part of the hull, metal parts, lights and windows. It is safe to use and environmentally friendly. Apply it on stainless steel, (galvanised or anodized) iron, copper, polyester, glass, chrome, paint and powder coat.

Antifouling Kit®

 This treatment is a must-have collection with two eco-friendly treatments to improve your boat's performance and appearance. These formulations come with high quality cleaning and protecting properties. Lab tests conclude - the Antifouling Kit products performs significantly better than competitive products.

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